Seafood is the core business of the KEMILAU BINTANG TIMUR, PT (KBT). KBT companies is committed to providing its customers with sustainable wild-caught and farm-raised seafood products. KBT is also committed to being a responsible company by using its seafood sourcing and marketing role to support responsible fishing and farming practices needed to produce sustainable seafood.

KBT believes that the sustainability of seafood is the result of the process of understanding, monitoring and managing the ecosystem impacts of capture fisheries and aquaculture. Fisheries and fish farming are both dynamic and change can either be negative, short-sighted and unsustainable, or positive in achieving long-term sustainability while meeting a growing global demand for seafood. For this reason, a responsible company must remain vigilant to changes in fisheries and fish farming practices, and respond in a responsible manner to provide customers and consumers with sustainable seafood.

Global Principles

We are committed to sourcing seafood products that:

  • Conserve the health of ocean ecosystems
  • Ensure responsible labor practices
  • Improve traceability and transparency
  • Support the long-term viability of the seafood industry

Sustainability Statement

KBT Seafood sources all our seafood according to the following guidelines:

  • We are committed to staying informed about all issues that impact the sustainability of our industry.
  • We ensure that we do not purchase seafood that is illegally caught and we comply fully with Country of Origin labeling requirements.
  • We operate with as much transparency as possible, and require the same of all of our suppliers.
  • We offer “certified sustainable” seafood options, including BRC (British Retail Consortium) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified products.